Bullet Journal Ideas for September


September is so many different things….

The end of Summer.

Time to go back to school.

The first day of Fall.

New TV shows premiere.

Celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day (yes, it’s a thing)

So many awesome choices when it comes to creating pages and layouts for your bullet journal!

Hope you get some inspiration for your own bullet journal spread from these gorgeous September cover pages and layouts!

Cover Pages

While my bullet journal leans towards the minimalist style, I’ve started experimenting with cover pages thanks to all of these lovely ideas and inspiration!

Back to School doodles


This cute cover page by @bujoescape is a fun collection of back to school doodles.

Bright and colorful, it’s still easy enough that anyone could do it no matter their artistic skills.

Hello September


Love this falling leaves cover page by @sincerelyvina!

From the smiling cloud at the top to the beautiful falling leaves, this cover page just screams September!

Hitting the Books


Really like this book theme by Liz (@lizbullet) for back to school!

I have a hard time drawing books, but I really like the looks of this page. A little above my artistic skill set, but maybe you could use stencils?

Who doesn’t remember spreading your books out while doing homework? Really like this cover page!

Fall/Back to School mash-up


Most cover pages are a single page, but Kim (@nhplannermom) has done a great job by spreading her cover over two pages.

It looks like she couldn’t decide between a back to school theme or a fall layout, so did both. Love this idea!



This adorable mermaid cover page from Tara at Slightly Sorted is actually a college she put together using washi tape and a birthday card!

So clever!

I’ve never thought of doing a collage for a cover page, but that’s the perfect solution for someone as drawing challenged as me!

Back to School Grapes


The grapes would have made a lovely cover page on their own, but Constance (@constancechel) tied it in with a back to school theme, making a totally unique cover page for September!



This beautiful drawing of hydrangeas by @bujo_gram is incredible and takes my breath away!

Love how she filled one entire page with the flowers, letting them spill onto the second page. It’s both simple and incredibly detailed at the same time.

What a gorgeous September cover page!

Watercolor Succulents


The succulents on their own would have made a lovely cover page, but adding geometric shapes and using watercolors for inside the triangles takes it to a whole other level!

Ally (@explorejournaling) is a wonderfully talented artist and I really love this drawing!



Isn’t this adorable little hedgehog just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Love how @seed_successful_you has him under an umbrella, just hanging out in the rain.

Such a cute, whimsical cover page!



This lovely floral theme by @seras.bullet.journal is simple, but striking.

It looks like something a non-artistic person (like me) could draw, but we’d need to take our time with the flowers.



This geometric cover page by Alannah (@fontsandfigures) reminds me of origami for some reason.

Love the way this simple but beautiful design turned out!



This lovely lavender cover page by @mlle.en.catimini is another simple but beautiful design!

I like how she has the flowers both above and below September, like a border.



I’m curious how @handlettering.by.lmmg got this cool effect on their September cover page.

It almost looks like they just splattered paint over the page, but it’s a little neater looking than that.

The white spaces probably had washi tape or something similar to protect the page, then were peeled up to reveal the untouched spaces.

Very intriguing cover page design!



This sweet cover page by @cocooning_atmosphere looks easy enough for anyone to try.

Love the grouping of colorful flowers!



Who doesn’t love cacti?

This simple cover page by @unni.plans is part of her cactus theme bullet journal for September.

While it’s simple and looks like we non-artists could copy the design, it’s still striking.

Winking Fox


This winking fox by @appartelamarti is just too cute!

From the bow on the top of her head to her saucy wink, this little girl makes a great cover page for September!

School Supplies


Don’t these school supplies by @joellemisschocolate look happy? Love how excited they look to be going back to school!

Very cute September cover page!

Hot Air Balloon


This lovely hot air balloon design by @fairesajulie makes a great cover page!

I’m not sure, but I think the Paulo Coelho quote says “Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World and it will one day return there.”



For some reason, I think cacti belong to July or August because it’s hotter during those months.

But this cacti cover page by @emmylousbujo totally works for September!

Space Spread


This cute two page spread by @bellemichou is out of this world!

I like how she stuck to a monochrome color palette, and the doodles are super cute. And what a great quote for the month!

Simply September


A simple cover page by @bullet4journal that’s easy enough for the non-artistic, but still pretty.

I could see doing this every month and just changing the color scheme to mix things up.



Hope you were able to find some ideas and inspiration for your September bullet journal spreads!

Bullet Journal Dream Logs (plus templates)

Dream Log

A dream log, aka dream diary or dream journal, is simply a place where you can record your dreams.

According to Wikipedia:  A dream diary is a diary in which dream experiences are recorded. A dream diary might include a record of nightly dreams, personal reflections and waking dream experiences. It is often used in the study of dreams and psychology. Dream diaries are also used by some people as a way to help induce lucid dreams.

Curious to see if my dreams were truly random or there were any patterns I might find useful, I started a dream log of my very own.

The more I log, the easier it is to recall the previous night’s dreams.
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11 Bullet Journal Expense Trackers (you’ll want to copy!)

Bullet Journal Expense Tracker

Several years ago, we decided to start tracking our expenses so that we could go on our dream vacation.

After researching various books, articles, and YouTube videos, we decided to keep track of our monthly expenses so we could get a handle on where the money was going.

The first month was strictly writing down every expense. At the end of the month, we could see which categories needed to be reined in and  where we should tighten our belts.

This worked for us because I’m useless when it comes to sticking to a budget but if I know where I need to economize, I’m good. And honestly, knowing that I’d have to write it down made me think twice about those impulse buys!

It worked so well that we’re still keeping a monthly expense tracker! Ours is pretty basic, but I love all of these cute trackers I found online, so going to try and incorporate them into our next tracker!
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Bullet Journal Ideas for August

While the official end of summer isn’t until September, I’ve always felt like August is when summer really starts winding down.

Maybe because September is usually back to school time?

Putting together my August bullet journal spreads, I’m always drawn to designs featuring watermelon, cook-outs, and beach scenes.  Anything celebrating the end of summer.

Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration for your own bullet journal spreads from the following examples of August designs.
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Birthday Bucket Lists (for your bullet journal)

While I have heard of (and made) a Bucket List, I’ve never heard of a Birthday Bucket List until recently.

Apparently, they’re a thing.

The idea is that you create a list of items you want to complete before your next big birthday, usually one of the milestones.

No reason you couldn’t do one for every birthday, but that seems kind of tiring.

The list can include practically anything:  adventures to go on, tasks to complete, places to visit, people to meet, experiences to try, items to purchase, etc.

Most of the lists I’ve seen have been for the big 3-0, but I’ve also seen 25th, 40th, 50th, and a few 60th birthday bucket lists as well.

The only real “rule” is that the items on your list must match the birthday deadline, as in 30 before 30 or 40 Things To Do Before I Turn 40. Although even that rule is flexible, as I’ve also seen 29 Things Before 30, and 39 Experiences Before I Hit 40 lists as well.

Hey, it’s your birthday bucket list, so your rules!

Since I have a few years before my next milestone birthday, thought I’d try my hand at a Birthday Bucket List for my bullet journal.
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30 Uses For a Blank Journal

30 Different Ways to Use Your Blank Journals

Have to admit that I’m a sucker for blank journals and have an entire cabinet full of them, just waiting to be used!

Even though I already have more than enough journals to last a lifetime, I keep buying more. A pretty cover will catch my eye and then winds up going home with me.

I simply cannot resist a gorgeous cover!

But some of them are so pretty that I’m almost afraid to use them. So I put them in aside, saving them for a special occasion.

What special occasion? Who knows. Sort of like when you don’t use your “good” dishes, put out the fancy soap, burn the decorative candle, or wear that expensive outfit.

It’s understandable. A blank page can be so incredibly intimidating! What if you make a mistake? It’s ruined!


Let’s use those good dishes! Wear that expensive outfit! Wash our hands with the fancy rose-shaped soap! Burn that intricately carved decorative candle! And most important of all, use those blank notebooks!

So to try and take some of the pressure off, here are a few ideas on how to use those beautiful, blank journals:

Start a Diary

When I was a child, I’d occasionally receive a diary for my birthday. One of those little books with a lock and key and Diary stamped on the front cover. I’d dutifully fill it out for a few weeks, then get bored and toss it aside.

Now that I’m older, I’ve found that I love keeping a personal journal!

I started in college, using one of my old binders and regular loose leaf paper.  Now I use a pretty lined journal, and try to write something every day.

It’s a great way to organize my thoughts and work out any issues, plus record memories.
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