Birthday Bucket Lists (for your bullet journal)

While I have heard of (and made) a Bucket List, I’ve never heard of a Birthday Bucket List until recently.

Apparently, they’re a thing.

The idea is that you create a list of items you want to complete before your next big birthday, usually one of the milestones.

No reason you couldn’t do one for every birthday, but that seems kind of tiring.

The list can include practically anything:  adventures to go on, tasks to complete, places to visit, people to meet, experiences to try, items to purchase, etc.

Most of the lists I’ve seen have been for the big 3-0, but I’ve also seen 25th, 40th, 50th, and a few 60th birthday bucket lists as well.

The only real “rule” is that the items on your list must match the birthday deadline, as in 30 before 30 or 40 Things To Do Before I Turn 40. Although even that rule is flexible, as I’ve also seen 29 Things Before 30, and 39 Experiences Before I Hit 40 lists as well.

Hey, it’s your birthday bucket list, so your rules!

Since I have a few years before my next milestone birthday, thought I’d try my hand at a Birthday Bucket List for my bullet journal.

The Basic List

I’m not very artsy and most of my bullet journal is pretty basic, so creating just a basic birthday bucket list appeals to my minimalist nature.

A piece of paper and a pen are all you need.

Well, that and enough ideas to fill up your list!

40 Things To Do Before 40 from 76 Sunflowers


This is a perfect example of the basic birthday bucket list!

It’s a great list because she kept everything achievable. No pie in the sky items like I’ve seen on some lists!

Some of her ideas that I may borrow for my list include:

    • go and see some live music
    • meet up with an old friend
    • read my subscription magazines cover to cover
    • read more books (yes, please!)
    • go fruit picking
    • walk along a pier

After seeing so many different lists, I really appreciate that 40 Things To Do Before 40 from 76 Sunflowers is a realistic birthday bucket list.

25 Before 25 from The Merrythought


I really like the simplicity of this list! Classic!

There are some great ideas on this list as well:

    • bake bread (that actually tastes good)
    • give blood
    • write letters
    • throw a dinner party
    • learn how to make raspberry jam

Simple, basic, and lovely, this list of 25 Before 25 from The Merrythought is the perfect basic birthday bucket list!

30 Before 30 from Through The Eyes of a Runner


Another great example of a straightforward birthday bucket list!

A simple header and a numbered list are all you really need. I like the pretty background she used. I can see printing out the background and pasting it into your bullet journal, just to add a little extra flavor.

Some great ideas I might incorporate into my list:

    • take a cake decorating course
    • finish at least 6 Pinterest projects
    • take a gourmet cooking class
    • go skydiving

This 30 Before 30 list from Through The Eyes of a Runner is simple,  but effective.

50 Before 50 from Gorgeous With Grace


While this list isn’t numbered, there are 50 items listed. It’s simple and straightforward, everything a basic birthday bucket list should be!

I like how she’s centered each item, giving the list a nice undulating flow.

Here are some of the highlights from Jen’s list that I really like:

    • volunteer somewhere I am passionate about
    • go on a cooking course
    • finish decorating my house
    • try 50 new recipes
    • donate to 5 different charities
    • write 1 gratitude sentence for 50 days
    • get to inbox zero
    • take a pottery class
    • create a capsule wardrobe

I got lots of great ideas from this list. Jen came up with so many good ideas that I want to try! Really love Gorgeous With Grace’s 50 Before 50 list!

Unique Lists

These lists are a little different from your basic birthday bucket list.

While there’s nothing wrong with a basic list, it’s always nice to have options sometimes (like a list with a twist).

Some of the twists you can use to make your birthday bucket list unique include completing your list with your friends and family, segmenting your list into different categories, or kicking things up a notch and turning your list into an actual challenge!

Your list is only limited by your imagination, so you can make it as unique as you want!

30 To Do in 30 Days Before 30 from lil Mop Top


This is a birthday bucket list with a twist!

Instead of a full year (or more) to complete the list, it’s limited to just 30 days! And the birthday girl didn’t make the list, her sisters and mom did. A family affair!

These are mostly easy experiences to fit the tight deadline, but still sound like fun!

Some highlights that caught my eye:

    • give out 30 compliments to strangers
    • eat 30 pieces of candy (not all at once I hope!)
    • take 30 photos of things you love and post on Facebook
    • learn to count to 30 in a new language

There are lots of pictures posted of the women working on the birthday list, so it looks like they had fun!

While the picture cuts off the bottom of the birthday bucket list from Jen at lil Mop Top, there’s enough to give you some ideas for a list of your own.

The 40 Before 40 Birthday List from Peanut Blossom


This list is from a mom who routinely made birthday bucket lists for her kids, but decided to tweak their tradition one year and do a List for Mom.

I love that she created a printable to hang on their refrigerator!

She didn’t just create a fun birthday bucket list, but also thought about her life goals in general. Inspiring!

Here are some highlights from her list I might add to mine:

    • plant succulents
    • make custom playlists for the car
    • take a Craftsy workshop
    • see the wedding dresses at the Biltmore (I’d just like to visit!)
    • purge closet and donate to Goodwill
    • complete 40 random acts of kindness

Really enjoyed the 40 Before 40: A Birthday Bucket List for Moms post from Peanut Blossom! You can tell that she put a lot of thought into her list.

30 Before 30 Challenge from Elle Is For Love


Incorporating washi tape into the design of your birthday bucket list is a great idea!

Another interesting idea is turning your list into an actual challenge. I guess a birthday bucket list is a challenge in a way, but I’ve never seen them referred to as challenges before. I like it!

Some of the challenges that caught my eye include:

    • cook a 3 course gourmet meal
    • face and overcome one fear
    • take a baking class
    • go to a restaurant alone
    • clear out and update wardrobe
    • go to a blogging/biz conference

The items on this list seem more challenging than some of the other lists, so guess she named it correctly! Thanks to Elle Is For Love for such an inspiring 30 Before 30 list!

40 Things To Do Before 40 from Destination Dorworth


This birthday bucket list is a little unique as it’s by a couple, Zach and Steph.

They have items that they’re going to tackle together, as well as a separate list for each of them. I love that!

Some of my favorite items from their list:

    • learn how to meditate
    • plant flowers that will live longer than a month
    • go fruit picking
    • take a photography class

They’ve only got a few of the items crossed off, so I hope they’re able to accomplish everything.

This 40 Before 40 list from Destination Dorworth is the only one I’ve seen by a couple, but really love this idea!

30 Before 30 by Anonymous


A little different from the basic list, this one groups the items in similar categories. The list maker in me loves this idea!

I can see doing this with categories like food, solo experiences, family time, learning, adventures, all kinds of fun ideas!

Sadly, I think that the original pinner deleted their board as I can’t find it anywhere so can’t give them credit.

It still has some great ideas, so I’m going to keep it on my list:

    • take calligraphy class
    • learn how to crochet/knit
    • ride in a hot air balloon
    • volunteer
    • attempt some yoga
    • visit the southern most point (Key West)
    • watch 30 critically acclaimed movies

If you happen to know who created this list, please let me know as I’d love to give them credit!

Birthday Bucket Lists

These are just a few of the birthday bucket lists I’ve come across on Pinterest, but they’ve all given me some great ideas for a list of my own!

From going over the lists, it looks like I’ll be including a cooking class of some kind and volunteering. I’ve volunteered at an animal shelter before and loved it, so maybe that can be on my list.

I also really like the idea of turning the birthday bucket list into a challenge, although maybe only a few of the items. Having the entire list be challenging might make it too difficult.

Hey, my birthday bucket list, my rules! ha!

Have you ever done a birthday bucket list? Were you able to complete it? What were your favorite items to check off the list?



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