Bullet Journal Ideas for August

While the official end of summer isn’t until September, I’ve always felt like August is when summer really starts winding down.

Maybe because September is usually back to school time?

Putting together my August bullet journal spreads, I’m always drawn to designs featuring watermelon, cook-outs, and beach scenes.  Anything celebrating the end of summer.

Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration for your own bullet journal spreads from the following examples of August designs.

Cover Pages

As someone who leans towards the bullet journal minimalist style, I don’t usually do a cover page for my monthly spreads.

But some of these gorgeous designs make me want to give an August cover page a try!

Sea Shells


Isn’t this seashell themed August cover page by AmandaRachLee gorgeous? Who doesn’t want to squeeze in a last-minute visit to the beach before summer is over?

She keeps it simple by sticking to a pink and white color palette, but it really catches the eye!

I wonder if she matched her nail polish to her cover page or if that was a happy accident?



This balloon themed cover page by Seed Successful You is so much fun!

Reminds me of end-of-summer carnivals, and balloons and confetti are such a happy combination!

Another simple but effective color pallette of yello, pink, and grey.



I really love this soft, abstract design by Little Miss Rose!

By sticking to only three colors, it’s not overwhelming. It looks like watercolor but could be colored markers or pencils.

This looks simple enough that I could give it a try!



An intricate two page cover page by Jannette at @jannplansthings is one of my favorites!

Makes me really, really wish I could draw!

Love all the little planets! And the colors in August, complete with stars, is beautiful!

Sea Turtle


This sweet sea turtle cover page by Jihi Elephant is another beach themed page perfect for August!

I like how she kept the color palette to all blues, and the pattern she used in the letters is beautiful!

Doesn’t the turtle look so sweet and friendly? Love him!



Isn’t this cactus themed cover page by The DIY Life just the cutest thing?

August is hot and cacti thrive in the heat, so this theme makes perfect sense!

The best part is that the cacti look simple enough that anyone could draw them!



Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, so I really love this cover page by Planthenightaway!

It’s simple, yet striking.

Music Notes


And now for something completely different…

I’ve never seen a cover page with musical notes before, but love it!

This incredibly original cover page by Caitlyn at bulletbycait is a gorgeous black and white musical theme featuring an actual song!



Love this two page space themed cover page from Jannette at @jannplansthings!

There’s so much little detail on these pages that the longer you look, the more you discover!

Check out all the planets and stars and space ships! Such detail! Really love this cover page!


A nice mixture between a plain cover page and a monthly spread is the calendar page.

It’s basically a cover page with a small monthly calendar.

Since I don’t really do monthly spreads, it’s a nice compromise in order to have a calendar handy.



This is sort of a combination cover page and calendar, as I haven’t seen too many two page spreads like this.

I think that Andi at its.me.andiee designed a gorgeous spread!

Really love how she did the roses, with black & white inside the box but colors outside. Clever!

Blue Tendrils


This design reminds me of a cross between waves flowing onto the beach and seagrasses waving back and forth in the current.

I really like the color palette Katelyn of katelynariana chose for this design. It’s mostly muted, but the dark blue really pops!



This house plant design by lacey.pinxhouse is a little beyond my artistic abilities, but I think it’s adorable!

I like how the hanging plant on one side balances out the tall plant on the other.

And that shelf of plants at the top? Love it!

Makes me wish, once again, that I could draw.



This cute design from Sidereal Life is another beach inspired page, complete with boat anchor!

I like the different shades of blue that she used in the wave, and the pink makes a nice contrast.



Guess I spoke too soon about not seeing two page spreads before, as here’s another one!

This spread by Nat at bujowithnat is a little more tropical than the others, but it’s fun and practically screams summer fun!

Pineapple Combo


Another fun  cover page and calendar spread for your bullet journal! With pineapples!

This two page spread by Mandy Rae at @mandyraesbujo includes the cover page, a calendar, and a monthly overview.

Really like how she split the pineapple on the cover page! Nice touch!



Another cute cover page and calendar combo, this one by @themessyartgallery.

I love the strawberries cascading down the cover page!

And the “Things to Look Forward To” box is a great idea to add to your bullet journal!

Back to School


While I’ve always thought of September as back to school season, I guess that some places do go back in August.

Poor kids! Stuck in a classroom during the dog days of August!

But at least this colorful bullet journal spread by Back to School is fun!

Monthly Spreads

I don’t usually do a monthly spread in my bullet journal, but these spreads make me think twice!

It’s simple enough to create the boxes, but what makes these spreads unique are the different designs that the bullet journaler uses to make the spreads their own.

More Balloons


This monthly spread goes with the balloon cover page by Seed Successful You showcased earlier.

Still loving the color palette of yellow, pink, and grey.

Her entire August spread is balloons, cakes, and gifts since it’s her birthday month, so be sure to take a look for more inspiration!



At first glance, this spread from Pretty Prints & Paper looks pretty basic.

Taking a second look, you notice the shadow on the right side of the daily blocks and the semi-transparent giant dates inside.

Nice and subtle, love these details!

Undulating Weeks


This unique, undulating spread by Well(ness) Planned isn’t your usual type of monthly spread!

Every week is on a separate line, undulating across the page, with shadows underneath for a 3D effect.

Since there’s not enough room to write in the daily blocks, you put notes under the days as needed.

Very original and clever!



There are several elements on this monthly spread by Barbara from @barbarahaegerart that raise it to the next level of bullet journal spreads!

From the cute popsicle to the lovely August sidebar design to the Cleo Wade quote, this spread kicks things up a notch!

Pretty in Pink


Really like this pretty pink, black, and yellow spread by honeymeli_bujo!

I’m guessing that they taped down post it notes or pieces of paper, then stamped over the page until they got the look they wanted.

Sounds simple, but the results are awesome!

Colorful Simplicity


This simple but colorful monthly spread is more in line with my minimalist taste.

The colorful accents on the spread from @catsplanner keep it from being boring, but it’s not too busy or over the top.

A nice, basic, pretty monthly bullet journal spread.

Good Omens


Saved my favorite monthly spread for last!

I love, love, LOVE Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, so was thrilled when I found SeabeeDrawz monthly spread!

The little halo and devil tail on August is a cute touch.

One of my favorite bullet journal spreads!


Hope you were able to find some ideas and inspiration for your August bullet journal  spreads!

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