Bullet Journal Ideas for October


I love October!

Crisp, cool days.

The beautiful changing leaves.

Caramel apples!

And let’s not forget Halloween!

Fall is my second favorite season (after Spring), and October is quintessential Fall!

So I’m excited to set up my October bullet journal! Hope you’re inspired by some of these ideas to set up your own awesome October spreads!

Cover Pages

While I prefer the minimalist style for my bullet journal, I’m tempted to do some cover pages because of all these gorgeous examples!



This beautiful purple cover page by by Constance (@constancechel) seems simple at first glance, but there’s a lot going on!

Love the witch legs sticking up behind the witch’s hat! Too funny!

Harry Potter


Love this adorable Harry Potter themed cover page by @amandarachlee!

I like the flow of the doodles across the page, spilling down the page.

Such a fun, clever design for an October cover page!

Fall Leaves


This simple but striking cover page by @coloreando_estrellas is a nice celebration of Fall.

Had to do a double-take because I wondered how they got that cool 3-D effect with the bottom leaf. Duh! It’s a real leaf! lol

Creepy Cover Page


Love this creepy October page by Alex (@misfit.plans)!

The spooky candles, scary skull, and spooky spiderweb all come together for a spectacular October cover page!



At first, I thought this cover page by @drawing_angie was a dog dressed up as a ghost.

At second glance, it looks like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer under that sheet!

Too cute!

Hello Coffee!


This Friends inspired cover page by @bujolive puts a fun twist on the Central Perk logo.

Not a big Friends fan, but love this October cover page!


Calendars are a nice compromise between a plain cover page and a monthly spread.

It’s basically a cover page with a small monthly calendar.

I don’t really do monthly spreads, but it’s nice to have a calendar handy.

Pumpkins and Ghosts


I know that this October page by @mashaplans is supposed to be scary, but I think it’s adorable!

Look at those cute little pumpkin faces! And that ghost looks more sweet than scary.

Love it!

Leafy Kitty


This cute kitten page by @artsybec is a clever mix of printable stickers and drawings.

The stickers give the cover page a nice 3-D look and would be perfect for people who can’t draw (like me!).

Spider Webs


While I don’t mind spiderwebs on cover pages, can’t stand them in real life!

Accidentally walked through a big one the other day and let’s just say they may have heard me a couple of blocks over….

I much prefer webs like this one by Seed Successful You ! No ick factor!

Fantastic Floral


This beautiful two page cover by @bumblebujo is amazing!

From the little touches on the letters to the gorgeous detailed drawing, this October cover page is one of my favorites!


Hello October!


This vibrant sunflower cover page by @bluenittany really pops!

Love how the color practically leaps off the page at you! And putting the calendar in the center is a clever touch.

Another favorite!



This autumnal cover page by @morelannelaure is a clever mix of stickers and drawings.

I always forget that I can use stickers to make my cover pages pop! Great way for the non-artistic (like me) to create interesting spreads.


Monthly Spreads



Love this monthly spread by Kate at katehadfielddesigns.com!

What really make the colors pop is that she’s colored in the background so that the only white space is the monthly calendar.

And the faces on the jack-o-lanterns are so cute! Love it!

Trick or Treat


Really love how the weekdays in this monthly spread by @planyourplanner are little candy corn pieces! Such a simple but clever idea!

The little black cat down in the corner, next to the trick or treat bag, is adorable!

And that ghost peeking around the corner? Too cute!

Love this fun monthly spread!



This October spread by @morelannelaure uses more stickers to make her page really pop!

Really like how the colored stickers are interwoven with the drawings for added interest.



This clever gravestone monthly spread uses a stencil from Moxiedorie.com . Best part is that the stencil is in the shape of a cat! Love it!

I’ve seen several really original spreads, but none with gravestones. A perfect monthly layout for October!

Why Complicate Life?


This monthly spread by @barbarahaegerart is too cute!

The little witch legs up on top are adorable! And the cobwebs! I prefer cute cobwebs on the page to any in real life, so these are perfect!

Spooky Candles


This October spread by @brimstonejournals is seriously spooky!

Love the melting candles bookending the spead, but those pumpkins? Gorgeous!


I hope that you were able to find some inspiration for your October bullet journal spreads!

Lots of lovely cover pages, calendars, and monthly layouts to inspire you for the month.

Have fun!



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