50+ Bullet Journal Ideas & Inspiration for September


September is so many different things….

The end of Summer.

Time to go back to school.

The first day of Fall.

New TV shows premiere.

Celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day (yes, it’s a thing)

So many awesome choices when it comes to creating pages and layouts for your bullet journal!

Hope you get some inspiration for your own bullet journal spread from these gorgeous September cover pages and layouts!


Cover Pages

While my bullet journal leans towards the minimalist style, I’ve started experimenting with cover pages thanks to all of these lovely ideas and inspiration!

Back to School doodles


This cute cover page by @bujoescape is a fun collection of back to school doodles.

Bright and colorful, it’s still easy enough that anyone could do it no matter their artistic skills.

Hello September


Love this falling leaves cover page by @sincerelyvina!

From the smiling cloud at the top to the beautiful falling leaves, this cover page just screams September!

Hitting the Books


Really like this book theme by Liz (@lizbullet) for back to school!

I have a hard time drawing books, but I really like the looks of this page. A little above my artistic skill set, but maybe you could use stencils?

Who doesn’t remember spreading your books out while doing homework? Really like this cover page!

Fall/Back to School mash-up


Most cover pages are a single page, but Kim (@nhplannermom) has done a great job by spreading her cover over two pages.

It looks like she couldn’t decide between a back to school theme or a fall layout, so did both. Love this idea!



This adorable mermaid cover page from Tara at Slightly Sorted is actually a college she put together using washi tape and a birthday card!

So clever!

I’ve never thought of doing a collage for a cover page, but that’s the perfect solution for someone as drawing challenged as me!

Back to School Grapes


The grapes would have made a lovely cover page on their own, but Constance (@constancechel) tied it in with a back to school theme, making a totally unique cover page for September!



This beautiful drawing of hydrangeas by @bujo_gram is incredible and takes my breath away!

Love how she filled one entire page with the flowers, letting them spill onto the second page. It’s both simple and incredibly detailed at the same time.

What a gorgeous September cover page!

Watercolor Succulents


The succulents on their own would have made a lovely cover page, but adding geometric shapes and using watercolors for inside the triangles takes it to a whole other level!

Ally (@explorejournaling) is a wonderfully talented artist and I really love this drawing!



Isn’t this adorable little hedgehog just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Love how @seed_successful_you has him under an umbrella, just hanging out in the rain.

Such a cute, whimsical cover page!



This lovely floral theme by @seras.bullet.journal is simple, but striking.

It looks like something a non-artistic person (like me) could draw, but we’d need to take our time with the flowers.



This geometric cover page by Alannah (@fontsandfigures) reminds me of origami for some reason.

Love the way this simple but beautiful design turned out!



This lovely lavender cover page by @mlle.en.catimini is another simple but beautiful design!

I like how she has the flowers both above and below September, like a border.



I’m curious how @handlettering.by.lmmg got this cool effect on their September cover page.

It almost looks like they just splattered paint over the page, but it’s a little neater looking than that.

The white spaces probably had washi tape or something similar to protect the page, then were peeled up to reveal the untouched spaces.

Very intriguing cover page design!



This sweet cover page by @cocooning_atmosphere looks easy enough for anyone to try.

Love the grouping of colorful flowers!



Who doesn’t love cacti?

This simple cover page by @unni.plans is part of her cactus theme bullet journal for September.

While it’s simple and looks like we non-artists could copy the design, it’s still striking.

Winking Fox


This winking fox by @appartelamarti is just too cute!

From the bow on the top of her head to her saucy wink, this little girl makes a great cover page for September!

School Supplies


Don’t these school supplies by @joellemisschocolate look happy? Love how excited they look to be going back to school!

Very cute September cover page!

Hot Air Balloon


This lovely hot air balloon design by @fairesajulie makes a great cover page!

I’m not sure, but I think the Paulo Coelho quote says “Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World and it will one day return there.”



For some reason, I think cacti belong to July or August because it’s hotter during those months.

But this cacti cover page by @emmylousbujo totally works for September!

Space Spread


This cute two page spread by @bellemichou is out of this world!

I like how she stuck to a monochrome color palette, and the doodles are super cute. And what a great quote for the month!

Simply September


A simple cover page by @bullet4journal that’s easy enough for the non-artistic, but still pretty.

I could see doing this every month and just changing the color scheme to mix things up.

A Taste of Hunny


Isn’t this cover page by @bujo.watermelon adorable?

I love how the word September is coming out of the jar like honey! So cute!

Mellow Yellow


This giant yellow September by @gabideeee_art takes things back to basics.

Eye-catching, yet easy enough for the non-artistic, I love how the bright yellow really makes it pop!

Hot Chocolate


September is the beginning of Fall, perfectly illustrated in this cover page by @saskolinas.

The Fall colors and cup of hot chocolate help get you in the mood for cooler temperatures. You can practically feel the chill in the air!



Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and are perfect for a September cover page!

This pretty page by @draw_heli would be fun to duplicate, even for the non-artistic.



Another simple but striking cover page that should be easy to duplicate!

I like the alternating colors, but might try a third color so that the word September pops a little more.

All in all, a nice job by @creators_unite!



A nice mixture between a plain cover page and a monthly spread is the calendar page.

It’s basically a cover page with a small monthly calendar.

Since I don’t really do monthly spreads, it’s a nice compromise in order to have a calendar handy.

Fall Leaves


This pretty design by @handlettering_and_others almost looks like a bouquet of fall leaves above the September ribbon banner.

The small monthly calendar underneath the bouquet keeps the page simple while still filling up the blank space.



A cute terraium design by @xpaperwingsx.

Love the muted color scheme used! And the shadowing on September really makes it stand out.

It’s Greek To Me


I love how nice and neat this design by @iwannabehara turned out!

Having both the boxed picture and the calendar lined up give the cover page a sharp, clean look.

And yes, September is written in Greek. Very cool!



The simple addition of laurels takes this plain design by @poundslettering up a notch.

It’s interesting how such a simple addition can make such a difference to a cover page! And definitely easy enough for a non-artist to copy!

Harry Potter


Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?

This adorable two page spread by @planningforward is one of my favorites!

Love all the envelopes on the calendar side of the spread, then Harry’s letter as a full-blown cover page.

Very clever design!

Picture It


I’m assuming that this spread by @glimmerink includes pictures and that she pasted them down on her page. Either that or she’s a remarkably talented artist!

I keep forgetting that using pictures is an option, but what a great hack for the non-artistic (like me)!

Tea Cups


Aren’t these tea cups by @casey_crafts adorable?

I like how she’s sectioned off the cover page, then surrounded it with a colorful border.

Simple, effective, and pretty.

Shy Fox


A shy little fox by @bujo.general makes a great cover page!

Watercolors give the design a soft look, and that little fox is just too cute!



Really love this cover page by @kreatuefteln!

Looks like a watercolor background, which adds depth to the page and really makes the lightbulb stand out.

It’s a deceptively simple looking design but the longer you look, the more details you notice.

Very well done cover page!

Falling Leaves & Happy Fox


This cute little guy by @bujobrien seems happy, doesn’t he? Love the little socks on his feet!

Looks like they used colored pencils, another medium I always forget to use.

Very cute cover page!

Wake Me Up


Simply had to include this cover page by @ontheislandbujo in this round up! I’ve been playing this song on a loop as I’ve been putting this post together, so had to laugh when I found this design.

Very simple and basic cover page.

Love it!



I remember drawing trees like this!

This design by @nhu_huynh_nguyen puts me in a nostalgic mood and makes me want to pull out my markers and start drawing!

A Hedgehog & His Coffee


Love this cute little hedgehog by @artbynadja, especially since he’s drinking a cup of coffee!

And he looks so happy!

This cover page is just too cute!



Monthly Spreads

I don’t usually do a monthly spread in my bullet journal, but love these awesome layouts!

It’s simple enough to create the boxes, but what makes these spreads unique are the different designs that the bullet journaler uses to make the spreads their own.

School Days


Love this cute back to school design by @katykatehadfield!

It’s fun, bright, and happy without overwhelming the page.

Very cute!

Space-y September


This space theme by @amandarachlee inspired several journalers this month, and I can see why!

I like her choice of colors, and that rocket ship is just too cute!

String Lights


What’s not to like about @clobujo‘s September layout?

Love how the daily boxes are separated, making them stand out.

And the way the string of lights drawing on the left page reflects the picture on the bottom right is a clever idea! Really ties the whole spread together.

Heart Leaves


Don’t the little leaves by @casey_crafts remind you of hearts? So cute!

A simple design that fills the page nicely. I like all the dots used to fill in the white spaces. And highlighting the days makes them stand out.

The thin washi tape strips on the right give the spread a small touch of needed color too.

Well done!

Koi Fish


This otherwise plain monthly layout by @mybulletjournal02 is saved by the beautiful drawing of the fish! Looks like a koi to me.

I’m not sure if that’s another fish in the bottom corner or maybe a lily pad, but it give the spread some nice added interest!

Beautiful drawing!



Love this happy lemon layout by @taldeer_zoe!

Who knew that a few slices of lemons would give a spread so much pop?



Cacti? Cactuses? Either way, this layout by @mandyraesbujo hits the mark!

I like how she used the same colors from the cacti to highlight each day. And the shadow borders on the two lists make them pop.

Another cute monthly layout!

Autumn Brown


This muted brown layout by @maximesbulletjournal is simple, yet still pretty.

It looks like a watercolor wash on the top, with a few leaves and acorns on the side for a Fall theme.

I really like the freehand boxes for the days. The entire layout gives out a nice, quiet vibe.

Silver Sprinkles


Love this monthly layout by @kreatuefteln!

The blue color wash and silver sprinkles are a nice pop of color. And I didn’t even notice at first that the lightbulbs are the days of the week! Very cute!

More Hot Air Balloons


Love how @fairesajulie did their entire September spread with a hot air balloon theme!

The balloons are lovely, but I really like the colored diamonds and the alternating colored stars on the dates.

A really nice monthly theme!

Golden Grass


This simple layout by @thehobbyroomuk uses washi tape as the main design element. Very clever!

And check out that quote! We should all get credit for making it through the day without beating anyone with a chair! lol

Simple Leaves


Another simple but pretty layout, this one by @bulletjournal.bree.

I really like the giant leaf to-do list on the side! Great way to tie everything together!

Pretty in Pink


This pretty spread by @bujoamy has the cover page on one side and the monthly layout on the other.

The flowered laurel gives the design an elegant look, while the calendar has an informal feel to it thanks to the outside the box lines.

A very nice layout overall!



I hope that you were able to find some inspiration for your September bullet journal spreads!

Lots of lovely cover pages, calendars, and monthly layouts to give you some ideas for the month. Have fun!







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