11 Bullet Journal Expense Trackers (you’ll want to copy!)

Bullet Journal Expense Tracker

Several years ago, we decided to start tracking our expenses so that we could go on our dream vacation.

After researching various books, articles, and YouTube videos, we decided to keep track of our monthly expenses so we could get a handle on where the money was going.

The first month was strictly writing down every expense. At the end of the month, we could see which categories needed to be reined in and  where we should tighten our belts.

This worked for us because I’m useless when it comes to sticking to a budget but if I know where I need to economize, I’m good. And honestly, knowing that I’d have to write it down made me think twice about those impulse buys!

It worked so well that we’re still keeping a monthly expense tracker! Ours is pretty basic, but I love all of these cute trackers I found online, so going to try and incorporate them into our next tracker!

Orange Expense Tracker by @diemmybujo


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I really like this basic expense tracker by @diemmybujo! It’s simple, yet has a touch of whimsy to make it stand out.

The moneybags at the top are a cute touch. And the colors just make this tracker seem like a happy tracker!

Easy and doable for anyone who wants to start tracking their expenses!

Spending Log by @bobbis_bujo


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Another basic, straightforward expense tracker, this one by @bobbis_bujo.

I like the idea of tracking items as well as the store. We don’t go into that much detail on our trackers, but it makes sense.

And breaking the expenses out by cash vs credit card is another great idea!

Blue Expense Tracker by Seed Successful You


This blue-highlighted tracker by Seed Successful You is another great option for those who are looking for a basic expense tracker!

Item, date, store/service, and amount are all you really need.

And the pop of color keeps it from being boring!

Expenses by Jocelyne at @bujojocy


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This adorable expenses log by Jocelyne at @bujojocey just screams summer to me!

The colors and cute little drawings, plus the blue wave-like lines, all give the tracker a fun summer vibe.

And I really like how she’s separated the categories into their own boxes!

Not sure if this would give me enough space to track everything, but love the idea!

Monthly Budget & Expenses by Laurie at @cardigansandchamomile


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This tracker by Laurie at @cardigansandchamomile is one of the cutest expense trackers I’ve come across! And it goes into so much detail too!

I can’t be the only one dying to color in the piggy bank and money, can I? So cute!

While I’ve never had much luck with sticking to a budget, this layout makes it look downright easy. Maybe I could try my hand at budgeting for one month and see what happens? But only if I get to color the piggy bank!

Weekly Spending Log by Lifes Carousel


We do a monthly expense tracker, but I like the idea of a weekly spending log like this one by Lifes Carousel.

And color coding the different categories is a clever idea.

Not sure the we spend enough in one week to make this one work for us, but would be a good idea that you could tweak for a vacation or something.

Pink Expense Tracker by @ellaabujo


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This cute pink expense tracker by @ellaabujo also reminds me of summer, probably because of all of the summer fruits surrounding it.

Divided into weeks, with the total at the bottom, this simple tracker would make it fun to track those pesky expenses!

Expense Tracker by Bernadette at @b.studies


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This no nonsense, professional looking expense tracker by Bernadette at @b.studies is a nice, clean way to track your bills and expenses.

Like a regular bullet journal, this tracker has a key at the bottom for type of expense. I like how they incorporated bullet journal practices into their tracker!

The Ben Franklin quote and box of tips on the bottom of the page is a nice touch.

6 Month Expenses Log by @hollylovesplanning


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This six month expense log by @hollylovesplanning is unique as most of the trackers I’ve come across have been monthly.

The color key makes it easy to see your daily spending at a glance, with colors for no spending, under $10, under $50, and over $50. You could tweak the key as needed to fit your particular circumstances.

The six blocks on the right seem a little small to record daily expenses, but maybe she only records large purchases? They’re blurred out for privacy, but that’s an easy fix.

Yellow Expense Tracker by Diana at @dianasbujo


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This happy yellow expense tracker by Diana at @dianasbujo goes into a little too much detail for my minimalist tastes, but it sure is pretty!

She covers ideal spending goals and breaks down daily/weekly expenses for  her chosen categories.

While I’d never be able to keep up with such an in-depth tracker, I can certainly admire it!

Where Did My October Pay Go? via Caroline Vencil


Love the humorous slant on this expense tracker I found on Caroline Vencil‘s site!

It covers the usual monthly bills as well as category break-outs for shopping, eating out, groceries, and miscellaneous (our largest category every month!).

The break down of percentages per category is a nice feature, showing where you might need to tighten your belt.

Final Thoughts

While the tracker we use is pretty basic, I think I’ll try sneaking in some of the ideas learned from these great examples of expense trackers!

We currently use columns for our categories, but I like the look of the separate boxes. I’d have to experiment to see what sizes work best. Or maybe just leave the bottom of the box open, with plenty of room for expansion?

If nothing else, can definitely add some color! And maybe some cute doodles? And that piggy bank! That piggy bank is too cute to resist!

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