Moving to Self-Hosted

The Journey Begins

After almost ten years with blogger, I finally decided to move to a self-hosted site. I have vague memories of looking at WordPress back when I was first getting started and deciding to go with Blogger because WordPress looked too confusing.

Live and learn.

Deciding to move my blog was a nerve-wracking experience. Add my procrastination into the mix and yes, it took awhile.

First I bought my domain name. I used Hover, which came highly recommended.

Then I hemmed and hawed for a couple of months before finally signing up at Siteground, another highly recommended site.

Was able to talk with someone in chat and they told me how to pay with PayPal instead of a credit card, which was nice.

You’d think I’d be free and clear at that point, wouldn’t you?


Nothing is ever easy.

Welcome Aboard!

Received a lovely Welcome Aboard email, complete with a handy, dandy Launch Wizard button…..which took me to a lovely page with an error message.


So I tried to figure it out on my own, but Google wasn’t much help this time around.

Turned to Siteground support but had to submit a ticket instead of chatting with an agent.


Chat is so much easier!

The ticket was answered pretty quickly….because he skimmed my request and threw me an unhelpful template.

I used to work in customer service and know when an agent is trying to clear the queue vs. someone trying to actually help the customer. This guy just wanted to clear his inbox. Been there, done that, recognized the signs.

Luckily the second agent actually read my request and answered my question so I could submit my transfer request.

So now, we wait.

Day Two

Received an email at 3:33 AM that they needed different information than the second agent told me. Seems that blogs on blogspot are a special case and aren’t a seamless transfer like other blogs.

I was uncomfortable giving him my password so I set up a temporary password for the transfer (so I could change it as soon as everything was done).

Sent the updated info and now I’m back to waiting.

Funny how all of the videos I watched and the articles I read all raved about how easy their blog transfers were.

It’s always something.

Finally got everything transferred!


It didn’t look right.

Only a few of my categories transferred with my posts.

It wasn’t all there.

So I decided to try transferring my second blog over to my second domain to see if that would work.

Easy Transfer Technique

I’ve been using a technique from an old Bloggiesta challenge from back in 2013 to backup my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Figured if it worked for then it should work for a self-hosted site.

Sadly, it looks like the blogger who originally posted it has left the blogging world. Thankfully, I saved her instructions!

After backing up my Blogspot blog and saving it on my computer, I imported it to my new site via a plug-in. I used Blogger Importer.

It worked!

So I went back and did the same thing to my original blog.


More than a little annoyed that I had wasted all that time waiting for Siteground to transfer it for me when I could’ve done it quicker (and better) myself.

But I guess that all’s well that ends well.

I finally have a self-hosted site and things seem to be running smoothly.

We’re not going to mention how long it took for me to set up the redirects from Blogger to WordPress though….

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